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LACSI Symposium 2002

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October 13-16, 2002
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Agenda for LACSI Symposium 2002

Posters | Papers| Papers Continued | Workshops

Sunday, October 13: Poster Sessions

  • 6:00PM – 8:00PM: Opening Reception and Poster Presentations
    • Coupling of the Stochastic Vlasov Equation to a Deterministic Fluid Model in One Dimension
      J.U. Brackbill, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Petr. Kloucek, F.R. Toffoletto, and J.Wightman, Rice University
    • An Integrated System for Photo-realistically Restoring 2D Images and 3D Models
      Alice J. Lin and Michael G. Chen, University of Kentucky
    • A Fast Scheduling Algorithm for All-to-All Exchanges
      John Wallin and Alexander Antunes, George Mason University; Bradley V. Stuart, University of Maryland
    • CODELAB: A Developers' Tool for Efficient Code Generation and Optimization
      Dragan Mirkovic and S. Lennart Johnsson, University of Houston
    • LA-MPI: An End-to-End Fault-Tolerant Message-Passing System
      David Daniel, Nehal Desai, Richard N Graham, L. Dean Risinger, and Mitchel W. Sukalski, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • An Emerging Co-Array Fortran Compiler Poster Abstract
      Cristian Coarfa, Yuri Dotsenko, Daniel Chavarría-Miranda, and John Mellor-Crummey
    • A Source-to-source Loop Transformation Tool
      Robert Fowler, John Mellor-Crummey, Guohua Jin and Apan Qasem, Rice University
    • New Algorithms for Graph Partitioning Problems Based on Continuous Optimization
      Yin Zhang, Rice University
    • Performance Modeling of MCNP on Large-Scale Systems
      Mark M. Mathis, Texas A & M University; Darren J. Kerbyson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • ARPACK -- An Application of Telescoping-Language Technology
      Cheryl McCosh, Arun Chauhan, and Ken Kennedy, Rice University
    • Building Parameterized Models for Black-Box Applications
      Gabriel Marin and John Mellor-Crummey, Rice University
    • Update on the PAPI and Dynaprof Projects
      Philip J. Mucci, Jack J. Dongarra, Kevin S. London, Shirley V. Moore, Daniel Terpstra, and Haihang You, University of Tennessee
    • Performance-based Workload Management for Grid Computing
      Daniel Spooner, Stephen Jarvis, and Junwei Cao, University of Warwick; Subhash Saini,
      NASA Ames Research Center; Darren Kerbyson, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Monday, October 14: Papers

  • 8:00-8:45AM Breakfast
  • 8:45AM Welcoming remarks
  • 9:00AM: Keynote Address
    "The Development of the Earth Simulator" Shigemune Kitawaki, Yokohama Institute of Earth Science
  • 10:00AM Break
  • 10:30AM Grids and Distributed Systems
    • Building Sensors and Actuators for Adaptive Resource
      Management in Linux Systems

      C. Eric Wu (IBM Research)
    • Monitoring Large Systems via Statistical Sampling
      Celso L. Mendes (University of Illinois)
      Daniel A. Reed (University of Illinois)
    • Performance Prediction for Simple CPU and Network Sharing
      Shreenivasa Venkataramaiah (University of Houston)
      Jaspal Subhlok (University of Houston)
    • Making TCP Viable as a High Performance Computing Protocol
      Patricia E. Gilfeather (University of New Mexico)
      Arthur B. Maccabe (University of New Mexico)
    • Improving Memory Hierarchy Performance Through Combined Loop Interchange and Multi-Level Fusion
      Qing Yi (Rice University)
      Ken Kennedy (Rice University)
  • 1:00PM – 2:15PM Lunch
  • 2:15PM State of the Field Talks
    • The Virtualization Approach To Parallel Programming: Runtime Optimizations and the State of Art
      Laxmikant Kale (University of Illinois)
    • Optimization Using Surrogates for Engineering
      Mark Abramson (USAFIT)
      Charles Audet (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)
      J.E. Dennis (Rice University)
    • Clusters, and Networks, and Grids: Oh, My!
      Daniel Reed (National Center for Supercomputing)
  • 4:00PM Break
  • 4:30PM Architecture and Operating Systems
    • A Dynamic Kernel Modifier for Linux
      Ronald G. Minnich (LANL)
    • Performance Evaluation of an EV7 Alphaserver Machine
      Darren J. Kerbyson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
      Adolfy Hoisie (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
      Scott Pakin (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
      Fabrizio Petrini (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
      Harvey J. Wasserman (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    • Accuracy of Performance Monitoring Hardware
      Michael E. Maxwell (University of Texas-El Paso)
      Patricia J. Teller (University of Texas-El Paso)
      Shirley Moore (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)
      Leonardo Salayandia (University of Texas-El Paso)


Tuesday, October 15: Papers Continued

  • 8:00AM Breakfast
  • 8:55AM Announcement
  • 9:00AM Compilers and Performance
    • WBTK: A New Set of Microbenchmarks to Explore Memory System Performance
      William Jalby (PRiSM Laboratory)
      Christophe Lemuet (PRiSM Laboratory)
      Xavier Le Pasteur (PRiSM Laboratory)
    • Vizer: A System to Vectorize Intel x86 Binaries
      Keith Cooper (Rice University)
      Anshuman Dasgupta (Rice University)
      Ken Kennedy (Rice University)
    • Building Performance Topologies for Computational Grids
      Martin Swany (UC Santa Barbara)
      Rich Wolski (UC Santa Barbara)
  • 10:30AM Break
  • 11:00AM Algorithms and Implementations
    • DFTI, a New API for DFT: Motivation, Design, and Rationale
      Peter Tang (Intel Corporation)
    • The Least Square Stabilization of Finite Element Approximation of Landau-Vlasov Equation
      Petr Kloucek (Rice University)
      Pavel Solin (University of Texas)
    • Optimizing Sparse Matrix Vector Product using Unroll and Jam
      John Mellor-Crummey (Rice University)
      John Garvin (Rice University)
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 2:00PM Special Session
    The DARPA High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) program.
    Presentations by Cray, HP, IBM, SGI, and Sun on their projects
    under this program (
  • 4:30PM Short break
  • 4:45PM – 5:30PM Panel on HPCS and theFuture of Supercomputing


Wednesday, October 16: Workshops

Workshop sessions

All Day Workshop

  • Title: Tools for Performance Analysis of Large-Scale Applications
    • Organizers:
      Allen D. Malony (University of Oregon)
      Richard Barrett (Los Alamos National Lab)
      Jeffrey Vetter (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)

Morning Workshops: 8:30am - 12:30pm

  • Title: Common Components Architecture (CCA) Tutorial
    • Organizers:
      Craig Rasmussen (Los Alamos National Lab) (and others from CCA)
  • Title: Simulation Driven Optimization
    • Organizers:
      M. Heinkenschloss, W. W. Symes, Y. Zhang (Rice)

Afternoon Workshops: 1:30pm - 5:30pm

  • Title: Specialized and Commodity Approaches in Operating
    Systems for HPC Platforms
    • Organizers:
      Arthur B Maccabe (University of New Mexico)
      Ron Brightwell (Sandia National Labs)
      Ron Minnich (Los Alamos National Lab)
  • Title: LACSI Visualzation Research
    • Organizers:
      Thomas P Caudell (EECE UNM)
      Edward Angel (CS UNM)

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